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NXgenPort, L.L.C. Announces Collaboration With Mayo Clinic

St. Paul, MN – NxgenPort, L.L.C., a Medical Technology Company with innovative technology for remote patient monitoring, has entered into a know-how license agreement with the Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research to advance NGP’s own product development and product testing efforts.   


NXgen Port (NGP) has designed a transformative medical device solution to maximize remote care in cancer patients who require an implantable chemo-port catheter (patent pending).  NGP’s medical device combines proven chemo-port efficacy with microchip and sensor technology to measure and remotely monitor early onset of complications by reporting and tracking physiological body functions in-vivo, over the course of disease and treatment.


NGP recently entered into a know-how license agreement with the Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, a part of Mayo Clinic, to advance NGP’s own product development and product testing efforts.   Under the know-how license agreement, Mayo lends its experts in the medical field who have know-how in oncology and digital health useful to develop NGP’s product specifications and clinical utility of the device. 


Under the first iteration of the agreement, Dr. Tufia Haddad, a breast oncologist who also works within Mayo’s Center for Digital Health, will be an advisor to NGP.   Future expansion of the know-how license with Mayo will include additional expertise and potential to harness Mayo’s pre-clinical and clinical trial expertise for medical devices and remote patient monitoring.  NGP and Mayo are excited about the collaboration, bringing new sensor technology to implantable catheter devices and enabling earlier intervention and enhancing patient care.  

“Support from Dr. Haddad and Mayo Clinic will be invaluable in this critical stage of prototype development. So often, companies can miss and waste money and time building products that do not fit within the workflow of clinicians or within the vision of organizations. Having early input from Dr. Haddad will help us build a product from the beginning that has value, scalability, and reach”,  says Cathy Skinner, NGPs, CEO and co-founder. 


About NXgenPort, L.L.C.:

NXgenPort, L.L.C. has designed a next generation implantable chemo port-catheter utilizing microelectronic sensors that enable the remote management of patients by monitoring and reporting physiological body functions over the course of cancer treatment.   NGP is a start-up company raising capital to enable Product Development and expansion of its IP portfolio.  

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About Mayo Clinic:

Mayo Clinic is a non-profit organization committed to clinical practice, education and research, providing expert, whole person care to everyone who needs healing. For more information, visit or



Cathy Skinner, CEO and co-founder


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