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NXgenPort Announces Nancy Lelicoff Joins Advisory Board

MINNEAPOLIS/ VENTURA, Calif. (July 20, 2021) – NXgenPort, a biomedical technology company developing products to provide doctors with remote patient monitoring, announced today that Nancy Lelicoff has been appointed to its Board of Advisors.

“We are excited to have Nancy join our Board of Advisors. As a developing company, we know the value of having Nancy’s expertise in Medical Devices, Quality and Regulatory Affairs working with us. All of us at NXgenPort look forward to working with Nancy in advancing our efforts in product development,” said Dr. Rosanne Welcher, Chief Science Officer at NXgenPort.

“I’m very pleased to be named to the NXgenPort Advisory Board as I believe remote patient monitoring is vital to improving cancer patient care by informing the medical team of key trends throughout the treatment regime rather than just during scheduled visits. Additionally, it provides improved care and peace of mind for those who have difficulty getting into a medical center due to their remoteness or personal limitations” said Nancy, adding, “I'm excited to contribute my expertise to NXgenPort as I know the management team to be capable of great things.” Nancy Lelicoff is an independent Quality and Regulatory Affairs advisor serving health care and biotech industries, and is located in California.

The goal of NXgenPort’s medical device development efforts is to help healthcare providers like Mayo Clinic remotely monitor cancer patients at home with a smart implantable chemo-port catheter (patent pending). NXgenPort has a strategic collaboration with Mayo Clinic’s Foundation for Medical Education and Research. NXgenPort combines proven chemo-port efficacy with microchip and sensor technology to measure and remotely monitor early onset of complications by reporting and tracking patient response over the course of their treatment.According to the Chief Science Officer at NXgenPort, Dr. Rosanne Welcher, “Support from Nancy will be invaluable in this stage of prototype development. We recognize the critical importance of having Quality and Regulatory expertise built into our Medical Device from the start. Having early input from Nancy will help us build a product that meets our high quality standards.”

About NXgenPort

NXgenPort is designing a next generation implantable chemo port-catheter utilizing microelectronic sensors that enable the remote management of patients by monitoring and reporting physiological body functions over the course of cancer treatment.

NXgenPort is a start-up company raising venture capital to enable product development and expansion of its Intellectual Property portfolio.

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