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NXgenPort Announces Rich Nazarian Joins Advisory Board

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

MINNEAPOLIS/ VENTURA, Calif. (August 3, 2021)NXgenPort, a biomedical technology company developing products to provide doctors with remote patient monitoring, announced today that Rich Nazarian has been appointed to its Board of Advisors.

“We are pleased to have Rich join our Board of Advisors. As a developing company, we know the value of having Rich’s expertise in Medical Devices, Engineering, Manufacturing, and Business Strategy. All of us at NXgenPort look forward to working with Rich in advancing our efforts in business growth,” said Dr. Rosanne Welcher, Chief Science Officer at NXgenPort.

“I’m really excited to join the Advisory Board at NxgenPort. Continuous patient monitoring is going to be an increasingly vital aspect of all treatment paradigms, especially so for cancer patients. The NXgenPort sensor technology and remote monitoring system has the potential to set the standard for all chemo-therapy patients. It’s great to be associated with this NXgenPort team that is so committed to delivering superior care at reduced cost for any patient with an implantable port catheter.”

Rich Nazarian is the former CEO and Founder of Minnetronix Medical. For 25 years, Rich guided Minnetronix’ growth from inception to over $100M in revenue. During that time, Minnetronix assembled a world-class workforce of over 300 employees that included 125+ scientists and engineers. Working independently and with partner firms ranging from startups to the world’s largest medical device companies, Minnetronix completed hundreds of development programs, introduced dozens of FDA class II and III products to the market, and manufactured hundreds of thousands of medical devices that have positively impacted the lives of millions of patients.

The goal of NXgenPort’s medical device development efforts is to help healthcare providers like Mayo Clinic remotely monitor cancer patients at home with a smart implantable chemo-port catheter (patent pending). NXgenPort has a strategic collaboration with Mayo Clinic’s Foundation for Medical Education and Research. NXgenPort combines proven chemo-port efficacy with microchip and sensor technology to measure and remotely monitor early onset of complications by reporting and tracking patient response over the course of their treatment. According to the Chief Science Officer at NXgenPort, Dr. Rosanne Welcher, “Support from Rich will be invaluable in this stage of business development. We recognize the critical importance of having Medical Device expertise built into our company from the start. Having early input from Rich will help us build a product that will be adopted by the industry and valuable to patients.”

About NXgenPort

NXgenPort is designing a next generation implantable chemo port-catheter utilizing microelectronic sensors that enable the remote management of patients by monitoring and reporting physiological body functions over the course of cancer treatment.

NXgenPort is a start-up company raising venture capital to enable product development and expansion of its Intellectual Property portfolio.

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